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Introduction –

Here is an intro as to how we protect the information you give us during the course of purchasing books from our site KannadaPustaka.Net. We are committed to protecting your online privacy.

Personal Information Collected – By personal information, we mean the information you give us during the course of purchase. The current address and shipping address are stored with us and used to ship books you have purchased. The data is held by us and is not sold to anyone.

Automatic Information Collected – Please note that KannadaPustaka.Net uses various technologies to collect information about types and versions of internet browsers , internet IP addresses, dates and times Product Pages are visited are stored in traffic logs.

We may mine these logs to estimate traffic patterns, purchasing patterns as well popularity of books.

Supplemental Technologies – We may use cookies, session identifiers, JavaScript code and browser detection to provide a better UX experience. Please do not disable such technologies as it might render the site unusable at your end.

Security and Confidentiality – The site has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption when collecting and transferring your data. Access to data is limited to very few people of Sirtirjivnamdal Tech OPC Pvt Ltd(owners of KannadaPustaka.Net). Hence safety of your data/information is assured.

Third Parties – We do not share any buyer information with Publishers unless compelled legally, according to Indian Laws.

Notifications – We will notify you of new book launches or special rebates/ discounts etc via the information you have provided i.e Email, Mobile number etc.

Modifications – Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be done on this page only. The changes may be viewed only on this page only.

Consent – By visiting KannadaPustaka.Net, you agree to the privacy policy.

Contact – If you have any questions about this policy contact us.

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